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Savings Accounts

We offer a full range of accounts, any one of which will fit your needs for the future. Choose a particular account to learn more.


Avaliable Savings Accounts

A table of our available savings account options.
Savings Account
Provides you with an interest-earning account with limited withdrawals.
Initial deposit of $100.00
Star Saver
A special account for our young customers
10 years of age or younger

Savings Account

For customers who do not write many checks, we offer a great way to save money for the future. A great account to start a savings program. 


  • A higher interest rate than most accounts
  • Can provide NSF protections for another account
  • Receive an itemized statement quarterly

Costs and Fees:

  • No service charge fee*
  • Daily balance of $50.00 required**

* $5.00 charge per withdrawal after 3 withdrawals have been made in a quarter cycle period

** $8.00 service fee will be charged if the account falls below the required balance

3 withdrawals in a quarter cycle.


Star Saver

This is a great account for a children to begin saving. Encourages money management and offers a higher than normal rate.


  • Earns at a higher interest rate
  • Receives special savings  stickers
  • Receives quarterly statements

Costs and Fees:

  • No service charges or fees

Limit 2 withdrawals per year and no withdrawals within the first 90 days of active account.

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